Thursday, October 28, 2010

CcTC Spookatcular 2010


As I have listed here in past years, the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society are always very generous with their time and art when it comes to worthwhile charitable causes. We've had a tradition of making these trick or treat bags for the kids at the CcTC (The Children's Crisis Treatment Center) now for over ten years.

In the past four or five years, these bags have become part of the 2010 CcTC Spooktacular, sponsored by Charette, the AIA Philadelphia and students of CHAD (Charter High School for Architecture & Design). The Spooktacular event provides kids at the CcTC (The Children's Crisis Treatment Center) a place to trick or treat and have a safe and happy Halloween.

This year, we had to spread out, but still got the job done. Along with the aid of family and friends, we completed 100 bags. Members and friends who worked on the project this year include: Christine Larsen, Andrew Hart, Melissa Lomax, Scott Derby, Dave Perillo, Christian Patchell, Tom Whalen, Val Costanzo, Kyle Margiotta, Joannie Newton, Brandon Heary, Valerie Deaton, Christine Venturis, Ben Cady, Jenny Drumgoole (and her students at Rowan University), and myself.

Making these bags every year reminds me that holidays can be fun, happy times even though I'm an adult. Just because we can't reap the benefits the way that kids do, there is no reason to leave behind the excitement and joy you can feel this time of year.

Special Thanks to Erike De Veyra for coordinating a great deal of the PCS end of this event.


Patch said...

They all look great! Thanks to the information super-highway I get to see everybody's bags. Hey you got any pics of the year we beat the architects? Wanna post it on my blog?

misc-wksp said...

PCS did such wonderful work...All the kids, adults, and volunteers enjoyed every creation! Thanks so much to all of PCS, the event would not have been a success without you.