Sunday, June 20, 2010

For My Old Man...

The one job I always wanted to do (and even envied my father for) was his role as a firefighter. It's the most respectable profession in my eyes. I know this image is a combination of other images I've drawn before. But I wanted to do something for my Dad this year that really showed him how I feel about him. He's nothing short of a hero to me.

The fire truck that I draw over and over again is probably my favorite toy of all time. It was really durable. I used to crash it down the steps and it never broke. You could rev it up and push it and it would go all the way across the room. I had it for most of my childhood, from my baby toys through my GI Joe, Star Wars, and He-Man years. I think it was called Mighty Moe or something.

I've given my Dad so much art over the years that he's running out of wall space. So this year I am starting a book just for him. I'll make all the art sized for the book, and we'll just add to it. Truth be told, all drawings I do are owed to my Dad. He taught me how to draw when I was very young. It's the one thing in life I've been able to rely on, no matter who or what comes and goes. I know I am not the greatest, most original, most pure artist the world has to offer. But I'd like to think that I do my work for the right reasons and as honestly as I can. So thanks, Dad. You're awesome and I love you.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Saying Goodbye to North Catholic...

This week, my cousins Tommy and Maryanne over at the Spirit Newspapers asked me to write an article about last Sunday's Alumni Mass and Open House at North Catholic. CLICK HERE to read the article.

Some folks know that North is my alma mater and the place I've worked at for the past seven years. I teach Life Drawing and Portfolio Workshop, and I was also the Assistant Development Director for a few years. Teaching at North Catholic is possibly the greatest thing I've ever done. I hope that my students keep in touch over the years and keep me updated on their work and lives.