Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sketches of Fishtown # 77 - The Swimmo

I don't think I need to write much more on this one, because it's already kind of wordy. I will say though that the kid with the towel around his neck is my big brother Scott as a little kid. My cousin Denise would walk us to the Swimmo when she was babysitting us. I have funny memories of my brother dancing with the towel around his neck singing the 80's Human League hit, "Don't You Want Me Baby".

Variations on a Theme - Mermaids

Sorry for the nudity in these drawings, but I find it hard to draw mermaids with covered breasts. The majority of this first drawing was done at one of my favorite spots, Atlantis, the Lost Bar (located at Frankford & Haggert in Kensington). They have this huge aquarium behind the bar. The layout is very similar to the Lost Bar layout. The original was given to Reni, the owner of the joint, and it hangs on the wall next to the bar. It was done in pen, ink, colored ink and marker with some colored pencil highlights.This next piece was a design for a silkcreen print I made for an art show last spring. Roger Petersen and I had the first ever art show at Atlantis, the Lost Bar. The original was purchased by the owner of the bar, and will hopefully be turned into a t-shirt some day.
This was an envelope design I did recently for a gal named Joannie. I really like the theme of the deep sea diver and a mermaid, so I was happy to have an excuse to revisit it. Also done in pen, ink, and marker.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sketches of Fishtown # 76, Eddie's Crab House

I have very fond memories of Eddie's Crab House. I was in and out of there a lot as a kid and even into my twenties. It was a real down-home neighborhood place. Inside, the joint had a similar aesthetic to an auto body shop, dim, blinky lights, cement floor. Come election time, I'd go vote there. Eddie's was very "Fishtown". I miss places like this in the neighborhood. I hope some of the new businesses that open keep this neighborhood aesthetic as opposed to a glossy, corporatized, big money feel. I'm disappointed with what has happened to Olde City. I am hoping that with all the new neighbors and change happening in Fishtown, we can work together to find balance and compromise.