Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Meathaus GO FOR THE GOLD! 4 - Sketchbook Anthology

Meathaus, a force of collective comics and cartoon energy (a group of which I am proud to call myself a member) is releasing it’s fourth “GO FOR THE GOLD!” book. GFTG is an anthology of sketchbook work from the groundbreaking independent and ever-expanding Meathaus Comics Collective.

You can pre-order the book now from the Haus. I believe it ships in about two weeks. To see a video with samples of the interior, CLICK HERE to head on over to the Meathaus site. Chris McDonnell edited the book and also did the awesome cover.

This is an amazing opportunity to pull back the curtain and see what raw thought and work goes on behind the scenes with amazing comics artists and cartoonists such as Dash Shaw, Jesse Moynihan, Thomas Herpich, Tomer Hanuka, Brandon Graham, Mu Pan, Jim Rugg, Chris McDonnell, Farel Dalrymple, and Jason Sacher. Here are samples to two of my pages, culled from old sketchbook work and mashed into pages for GFTG! 4:

3rd Annual Black Landlord BBQ Poster

The following piece is a poster I just designed for Black Landlord. I have done work before for them in the past. You can view a gig poster I recently did by clicking HERE and a flier I designed a couple years back by clicking HERE. I love their music. I love that they rock a full-on funk band and have Maxx S. Williams as lead MC. It’s just really great music. It’s strong, home-grown Philly party music. But it’s also smart and well executed. So I am happy when Black Landlord asks me to do some work.

I’m always going on about music on here, about how it affects the lines I draw while I am working. Music is super-important to me and my work. I rely on it like fuel. So to have my work associated publicly with music that I really like is a great promotional portfolio piece for me.

This poster is for the upcoming 3rd Annual Black Landlord BBQ. It’s pretty self-explanatory. The BBQ is a local summer music festival. I tried to portray Maxx (as I always do) as a larger than life party animal. I had a lot of fun messing with transparency gradients in Photoshop for the subtle smoke and charcoal layers. I know the subject matter is very simple, but I was pleased with this project. People who know me know that I am a BBQ maniac. I’m always rocking my Char-Griller and slow cooking ribs, chicken, etc. It’s nice to get a project like this. Even though there was a decent amount of work involved, the hours flew by because I had so much fun doing it. Plus it is for a great cause.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jeff Kilpatrick Harry Potter vs. Dr. Who Shirt on Tuesday, August 9

Sorry for the shameless plug here on my blog. I have been doing a good amount of T-Shirt designs lately. Some of the shirts I design and get made (like the North Catholic shirts). Sometimes I do these online submission sites. So far, Teefury has accepted two of my designs, this being the first. Teefury gets a whole lot of (but not only) fan traffic from sci-fi, fantasy film, television, and cult movie fanatics. And the folks who frequent these sites and buy the shirts are very passionate about their fandom.

There is a HUGE Dr. Who audience on the site, and there seems to be a big following of Harry Potter fans too. Anyways, the first design I tried my hand at was a combination/parody of those two characters. The reason being mostly was the scarves. It just seemed like a striking visual element to base the design on. Plus, one of the challenges of the designs for these sites is using a limited number of colors. The maximum number of colors Teefury allows is six. Sometimes, giving myself a very limited palette and a strict set of guidelines can be a good catalyst for finishing a project. Anyhow, the shirt is for sale only today, then it goes into the “Gallery” section if you’d like to view the design later.

Click here to see the shirt on Teefury.