Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to my big brother Scott!

My brother Scott used to draw a lot when we were kids. My sister MaryKate did too when she was little. My Dad would draw and paint a lot, so he'd give us art lessons. He would also have us pose for paintings sometimes. Over time, my brother and sister just outgrew it I guess.

I'm not sure why I kept with it. My Dad said I kept drawing because my lazy eye made me too uncoordinated for sports. Maybe so. Nonetheless, when my brother was young, he would draw a cartoon character named "Odd Todd", who was a cross-eyed dude wearing a Jeff cap. He also LOVED Bill Watterson's "Calvin & Hobbes" (one of my all-time favorite comic strips to this day). So for his birthday this year, I drew him a picture of Calvin & Hobbes, trying best I could to emulate Watterson's loose, brushy ink style. I made some minor adjustments - putting my brother's hat and freckles on Calvin and my glasses, hat and beard on Hobbes.

Even when Scott stopped drawing, I remember he bought me the book "How to Draw Comics - The Marvel Way" one year for Christmas, which was a catalyst for my obsession with drawing cartoons and comics. So thanks, big brother. You're a great father, husband, son and brother. Happy 36th birthday, old tymer! Many more to come!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sketches of Fishtown # 87 - Music Fountain Cafe

As many folks know, I am touchy about the subject of gentrification in the neighborhood to say the least. However, I have to give Bob Murphy credit for having faith in this neighborhood long before the real estate boom. I hope more unique, small, family friendly businesses like this open up in Fishtown.

Once again, I've used my niece Erin as a model for one of these issues. This is, however, the first time I used my niece and Goddaughter Kacey. I never used her before because my brother's family moved outside the neighborhood years ago, and she hasn't been around as much these past few years. But Kace has been spending a lot more time with us lately and hangs out a lot with her cousin on the weekends. So we're very happy to have her back in the neighborhood.

Also, I want to give a heads up to Brian Potash over at DevilFish Ink, who designed the Music Fountain Cafe logo pictured here. Brian is a great designer and has his hands in all kinds of art and music. I'm glad to have him as a buddy and a resource to consult with.

Also, Roger Petersen, a close buddy and artist capable of just about any artistic feat, was hired to paint the logo on the wall in the parlor.