Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Glory Fades" Rushmore-inspired Shirt on RIPT Apparel Monday, September 19 - One Day Only

On Monday, September 19, I will have a shirt released on the RIPT Apparel website. The shirt is a tribute to one of my favorite movies “Rushmore”. You can visit the site by CLICKING HERE. RIPT also makes their apparel in hoddies, kids' sizes, and baby onesies too.

Rushmore has some great subtle humor and dry wit. It’s still hands-down my favorite Wes Anderson movie, and always makes me laugh every time I watch it. If you have seen it, you probably get the jokes incorporated into the shirt design. I tried to incorporate some signature visual elements from the film, like the colors of the Rushmore Academy uniform, Max Fischer’s glasses and beret, and the style of lettering from the signage on the school’s fence. I threw all this stuff into a drawing with Mount Rushmore (which actually has nothing to do with the film except the name of the school) and used the words “Sic Transit Gloria”, the only Latin that Max knows and uses to try and pick up a teacher.

Rushmore is a great “Back to School” movie, and one of Bill Murray’s best performances. If you haven’t seen it, you ought to check it out.

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