Monday, September 27, 2010

Caravan Festival Poster 2010

Recently, my buddy Aaron Luis Levinson (Grammy-winning producer and all around music nut) hired me to design and illustrate this poster for the upcoming Caravan Festival he put together for the Electric Factory (Oct. 21, 2010). Aaron has a natural ear for great music, especially bringing artists together. I'd work with Aaron over and over again. He believes in music like religion. When he puts projects together, he always tries to bring people into the mix that can bring something unique and fitting to the table. He's proven this with his eclectic and popular albums "The Philadelphia Experiment", "The Harlem Experiment", and all the work he does for Range Records. We've talked time and time again about this community-based concept, not only for the music, but packaging and promotion as well.


Patch said...

Are you guys gonna make these into real posters? If so I would like to buy one. I absolutely love this idea. Would also be a great piece/print for the World's Fair show!

Jeffro said...

It is a poster, They're hanging all over town, son.

Sam 'Catfish' Heimer said...

I SAW THIS AT THE ELECTRIC FACTORY! was the high-point of a really shitty night,