Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sketches of Fishtown featured in Philadelphia Neighborhoods Project for Temple U

I just came across this post accidentally on the web while searching "Fishtown" on Google:

Philadelphia Neighborhoods Project - Sketches of Fishtown

Melanie Menkevich and Jenn Matusiak came out late last year to interview me for this project run by Temple's journalism school. I was happy to participate, being a Temple grad. Plus, Melanie's brother is a North Catholic student, where I teach and went to high school. So it was an honor.

It was a super rainy and cold day. We originally went to the Milk Crate Cafe to shoot on Girard Avenue. But our plans were halted when a larger film crew came and started shooting at the same time on the same day. So we shot this at my apartment. They ladies were real good sports about it.

There are some video clips that remind me that I have a face for radio. But they were really cool in their story to mention key people like my cousin Sean and Hooker Lynch and stuff.


Unknown said...

Nice article. I'm a huge fan of your book. I always look forward to seeing what you do.

Jeffro said...

Thanx, Kyle. The feeling is mutual.