Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rearranging the studio...Getting Rid of artwork cheap...

I got a flat file recently to store some of my larger papers, unframed art, posters, etc. I was really glad to get it, but anyone who has a flat file knows it takes up a nice chunk of room space. And anyone who's ever hung out at my place knows I don't have much space to deal with.

So I was loading up the flat file this morning, and I have it stacked above a heavy cabinet and below my sketchbook shelf. And like a game of Jenga, the whole thing almost comes toppling down. Not the most sound architectural arrangement I guess.

In a panic, I started going through my drawers and files to see what can stay and what can go. I came across a lot of art I really have no need for. Given that next year I will be moving out of this apartment to greener pastures, I want to try my best to get rid of as much as possible.

So if anyone would like to stop by and go through some folders of artwork, I'll be getting rid of it really really cheap. There's no reason to drag all this stuff with me through life. If you're interested, please just e-mail me: phillytoon@yahoo.com. There are folders and envelopes full of this stuff. Here are a few of the pieces:

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