Sunday, June 20, 2010

For My Old Man...

The one job I always wanted to do (and even envied my father for) was his role as a firefighter. It's the most respectable profession in my eyes. I know this image is a combination of other images I've drawn before. But I wanted to do something for my Dad this year that really showed him how I feel about him. He's nothing short of a hero to me.

The fire truck that I draw over and over again is probably my favorite toy of all time. It was really durable. I used to crash it down the steps and it never broke. You could rev it up and push it and it would go all the way across the room. I had it for most of my childhood, from my baby toys through my GI Joe, Star Wars, and He-Man years. I think it was called Mighty Moe or something.

I've given my Dad so much art over the years that he's running out of wall space. So this year I am starting a book just for him. I'll make all the art sized for the book, and we'll just add to it. Truth be told, all drawings I do are owed to my Dad. He taught me how to draw when I was very young. It's the one thing in life I've been able to rely on, no matter who or what comes and goes. I know I am not the greatest, most original, most pure artist the world has to offer. But I'd like to think that I do my work for the right reasons and as honestly as I can. So thanks, Dad. You're awesome and I love you.

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Patch said...

Awesome post! The book is a great idea! More artists should do that! Cheers!