Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"All Hands On Deck" Show July 9th through Oct 7th at Chaperhouse Cafe and Gallery

My buddy Anthony Pedro curated this group show through the Autumn Society of Philadelphia. It's entitled "All Hands on Deck", and each piece of art is themed around the ocean and seafaring. The show will hang at Chapterhouse Cafe & Gallery on 620 South 9th Street in Philly. I drew this piece in different colored inks on bristol board. When I first started it, I originally intended all the tattoos to be green and have the referenced song be an Irish seafaring song. There are so many I love by the Clancy Brothers and the Pogues. But I was at the diner with my niece Erin when I finished it around the 4th of July. For some reason, she made me want to make the drawing more colorful. So I referenced "Louie Louie". It's a fun sea song. Erin gave me the ideas for most of the tattoos on the sailor. She's a very promising artist herself. I was glad to have her input. I think it kept the drawing more whimsical.

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