Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Variations on a theme...Lion & Lamb

My mother always sent out a Christmas card every year with a Lion & Lamb on it. It's a theme of peace on earth, with the ferocious beasts living in harmony with the more helpless creatures.
After my mother's passing, this theme has become fairly important in my life. I've even had my friend Shannon Gallagher design a Lion and Lamb tattoo for me in memory of my mother.

I have done several Lion and Lamb drawings. Here are a few I had scanned into my computer. One was a Christmas card for a friend a couple years back. Her mother passed away shortly before the holiday season:

Another is the original tattoo design I did for myself, but decided not to get. I felt that the hard graphic lines were not soft enough to memorialize my mom. That's why I had Shannon redo it her own way, giving it a softer touch:
The last is one of my "animals in bars" drawings I did for the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society's 10th Anniversary show a couple years back:

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