Friday, April 3, 2009

Gene Ween Band Rock Poster # 1

I just finished my first concert poster design for the Gene Ween Band. I have been a fan of Ween for years, and they are Philly boys too. So you can imagine how siked I was to hear from their manager for two poster designs. They gave me free reign over the imagery. Initially, I was going to look at a bunch of rock poster art for reference, but decided not to. I decided that if they want my work affiliated with the music, then it should look like MY work. So I opted for this guitar-playing iguana. I will be posting another design in the next few days of a poster for the band's Boston show on April 15.


Lindsy said...

Awesome Jeff! Great bands choose great artists, great artists choose great bands!

my word verification was "ficmo"

ficmo this.

philadelph-eli said...

This is great, sir! I've always wondered how an iguana would look playing a guitar. Thank you for solving one of life's great mysteries.

Ms. Jenny said...

It looks awesome Jeffro!!!!!