Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gene Ween Band Rock Poster # 2

Just finished the 2nd silkscreen poster design for the Gene Ween Band's Boston show on April 15. I know the whole "Godzilla-type monster stomping on a city" concept has been done to death on plenty of rock posters. But I thought it'd be kind of funny if the monster had the head of a Boston Terrier. At first, I was referencing all kinds of imagery of the Boston Tea Party, but I needed to turn this around super-quick. So I figured it's best to opt for something not terribly deep or detailed. I just went for the fun image.

As with the first one, I'm going to use the guys from Awesome Dudes Printing to print up the posters. Shaky, Ralph, and Snacks are, in fact, awesome dudes. They did an amazing job on the poster for the Troy, NY show.

I have to ship a bunch of the posters to the show venues. However, if anyone is interested in getting one without going to the show, I'll have a small number available at the Fishtown Shad Fest on April 25 at Penn Treaty Park. I'll also be designing a brand new T-Shirt with the Fishtown Social Club just for the festival and will have some books available too.


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One of my favorite shows I saw in Philly was Ween during their country album tour with Doo Rag as an opener.