Thursday, April 16, 2009

Variations on a theme - Pee Wee Martini

My pal Kristin owns one of the award-winning "world's ugliest" dogs - the charming Pee Wee Martini. He's a Chinese Crested with good looks and a whole lot of personality. You can read more about him by clicking here. Here are some photos we took of Pee Wee and some of us at a BBQ a couple years back:

When my friends Concetta and Megan opened up AMBLE Gallery, the first show they had was a group show for the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society. All of the pieces were drawings of Pee Wee. Here is one of the pieces I did with a saloon song/martini theme:

Another one I did while sitting at Johnny Brenda's during a Heavy Trash concert. Sadly for the band, the place was pretty empty. But fortunate for me, it was great to sit in an uncrowded bar and listen to some awesome rockin' music:

Then I did this one as a gift for our local PBR representative, who gave us free Pabst for the opening show. Once again, Thelonious Monk's influence has burrowed its way into my work with teh concept of "Ugly Beauty".

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