Saturday, October 1, 2011

“For All My Friends” Star Wars-inspired Shirt up on TeeFury – Oct. 3rd – One Day Only

I did this drawing as a piece of fan art initially. You can read about the how and why by CLICKING HERE. After the Harry Potter/Dr. Who-inspired shirt I had on, I decided to try this out as a shirt design as well. I did some research. There are a lot of Cantina shirts available online, but they were more logo/sign ideas. Although it’s not the most original concept, I hope my drawing style puts enough of an individual spin to give it my voice. Aside from making this shirt just a parody of the Star Wars bar scene, I also wanted to goof on other bar-centric entertainment. So I decided to make a “Cheers” type logo. I also titled the shirt after a famous line of dialogue from Charles Bukowski’s “Barfly” script (another piece of hard-drinkin’ fun).

If you like, CLICK HERE to go to Teefury’s website. The shirt will be up for that marathon-type of sale for $10 from midnight to midnight only on October 3rd. Then it’s as gone as the shot of Jameson’s I had with my breakfast.

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