Thursday, July 21, 2011

Star Wars Fan Art - Mos Eisley Bar Swarm

Chris Patchell asked me to post this original black and white ink drawing:
Not sure what's going to become of this piece. I think I posted here a while back that my favorite parts of the Star Wars movies are the monster scenes. I get kind of bored after the bar scene in the first movie. I also get kind of bored after Jabba the Hutt's court scene in Return of the Jedi. But those scenes are very captivating to me, and I believe they had a profound influence on me as a kid. I would play for hours with my Star Wars toys. My Godmother and Aunt Gerry gave me Greedo, Walrus Man, Luke Skywalker, R5-D4, and the Landspeeder for my 5th birthday. I was blown away, and I don't think I ever remember being so excited about a gift. I also have very vivid memories of getting my allowance and my folks driving us to the Toy Store for Star Wars action figures when I was a kid. At that young age, like many kids of my generation, I lived for my toys. And I think this is what led to my early fascination with monsters.

My fascination with bars and barflies came much later. I have done a lot of bar drawings since my college years. But as I look back, I realize they were all just a rehash of the Mos Eisley Cantina scene from the first Star Wars movie. So I wanted to do a drawing where all these creatures were just hanging out having an awesome time at the bar. Anyway, I did this initial drawing on 14" x 11" bristol board in ink. The colors I did in Photoshop and Illustrator. The font is just my own shaky, hand-drawn version of the Star Wars lettering. Maybe the colors will change. Maybe the text will change. I am not sure. But I finished this draft last night, so I am posting it.


Patch said...

I love this! You should post the black and white too. The drawing was so tight. You really, really captured the mood and the exchanges between the characters. Bravo!

Chris said...

Wow. Terrific stuff Jeff!