Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Phalcons" Limited Edition Baseball shirt now available

Like the last “Falcon Beach” t-Shirt, this shirt was made in partnership with my family at the Spirit Newspapers. My cousin Tommy from the Spirit is also a proud Falcon. I have been drawing and writing for the Spirit for years. This neighborhood paper really captures the heart of Philly’s Riverward Neighborhoods (Fishtown, Northern Liberties, Port Richmond, Bridesburg, etc). It’s a very family-oriented paper and business run by the Milligan and Westfield families, two of the best families in Philly. My Mom was a Milligan, and my Dad always said he was very glad that he married into this family.

Anyway, I think my Mom would be proud to know I found a way to use my art to work with her family. She loved the Milligans so much. Every time I write a story or draw a cartoon for the Spirit, I feel like I am making her happy. So I am really proud to partner with my cousins on these shirt projects. I have the opportunity to work with my family. Also, in my own way, I get to carry on the spirit of the school that was my home for so many years. Plus my cousin Gene coached North Baseball for years, as did the legendary Larry Conti and my buddy Tim Murphy. But if I were to say anyone inspired this, it would be my grandfather Jim "Pop" Kilpatrick. Pop was a ’37 graduate who lived for North Baseball.

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