Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Bob & Barbara's Lounge - 1509 South Street

Bob & Barbara's Lounge (1509 South Street in Philly) is where I've met some of my heroes and best friends in this whole world. I've posted before about the importance that Nate Wiley and the Crowd Pleasers have played in my life. But I have so many connections to this place. It's the official clubhouse of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society. So many friends have been made at that bar over specials and music.

A few years back, I was doing flyers, kind of a street art experiment to advertise the bar (not that it needs any help). The place packs them in, especially on the weekend. College kids come in looking to spend their parents' money on cheap booze and a welcome vibe - and EVERYONE is welcome at Bob & Barbara's. But i started drawing some of the "regulars". Sadly, some are not around anymore. Billy passed away. Pipe Donald was flagged years ago for bad behavior. But this place certainly does have some legendary character and characters. If you're in there enough, you see beyond the throngs of hipsters and frat boys to identify the folks that "come with the place". I have one of the barkeep Steve Ferrell somewhere, but can't seem to locate it. And even though I don't get out there as much as I used to, after 11 years, I still consider myself a regular. I'll post more as I make them...

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