Thursday, March 5, 2009

Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness

For years, (along with other members of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society), I've been affiliated with the Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness (PCEH). It's an amazing organization of great, hard-working people aimed at measurable and sustainable results in ending homelessness in Philly. With the economy in its current state, we can be sure thier job is harder than ever.

Given how hard these people work, the least I could do is contribute to their annual charity art auction. I haven't received word about it recently, and I am not sure if they still have it. But below are some of my past contributions:

In 2004, the PCEH gave all of their artists the guts of a clock to use as a palette. There was a theme to the show, something like "Time is running out on homelessness." I was invited in on really short notice. Lucky for me, I had my cousin Sean, a street artist, to help me with the project. You can't really see Sean's work in this photo, but he did an awesome job of making the frame of the clock look like graffitied subway walls to depict urban decay.

The face of the clock was drawn and painted by me, using ink and Dr. Martin's watercolor inks on bristol. The words came from something I might have to tell myself to get up every day and move forward if I were in the position of being homeless. It astounds me, the strength that some people have, to move forward through life while having so very little. It also makes me realize how spoiled so many of us are (myself included).

I was really proud of this one, not only because I got to work with Sean on it. There is a street team of young volunteers who work with PCEH. At the auction, they started a collection from all the folks at the event, and raised enough money to win the bid on this piece. Our clock now hangs in the PCEH offices. I was touched that these kids thought enough of our work to want to keep it on display.

These three pieces were done for the 2007 auction. The theme was "Every child deserves a home." I believe that is the campaign that PCEH is still running. I used colored Micron pens for all three of these pieces.
This one has a lyric from the Tom Waits song "House Where Nobody Lives":

I gave some more work in 2005 and 2006, but I can't seem to find photos or scans of them at the moment.

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