Friday, March 6, 2009

Hanging the "Nostaljerks" show with Roger Petersen

We hung the "Nostaljerks" show today at Atlantis, the Lost Bar (2442 Frankford Avenue, 19125). I was floored by both the quality and quantity of  Roger Petersen's work.  I would have never done a show so soon to the book release I just had.  But hanging work next to Roger's was an opportunity I just couldn't pass up.  He's one of my best friends and favorite artists, so I had to take this opportunity.  I must say that I felt dwarfed next to him on the wall.  In one month, he made 27 portraits of old-tymie baseball players, every one of them immaculate.

I also found out today that this is Atlantis' first ever art show, so I am also very proud to be part of that.  I really like this bar.  With all of the gentrification going on in and around my neighborhood in recent years, a lot of the bars are very divided between new residents and lifelong neighbors.  But everyone seems to get along at Atlantis.  There aren't many places like that around here, only a scattered few.

If you'd like to check out more images of the hanging with a sneak preview of some of the pieces, CLICK HERE.

Rog will be there tonight for First Friday.  I'll be there tomorrow from 4 PM on (after the Philadelphia Brewing Company's First Anniversary Party across the street).  If you can't get out this weekend to see the show, you should try to get there before the end of the month.   

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