Tuesday, October 7, 2008


On more than one occasion, the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society (PCS) has saved my life. It is a group of constantly working, big-hearted professionals who always make time for fun, charity and friends. It is a real brotherhood/sisterhood, and I am glad to stand up as one of them and be counted.

Every year, we engage in certain charity events as a group. Often, we try to work with the Children's Crisis Treatment Center of Philadelphia (click here to find out more about CcTC). They are an amazing organization that has been helping abused and traumatized kids in Philly for over 30 years. Local architects graciously run an annual event called the "Spooktacular", where they design and build a small town inside the Children's Crisis Treatment Center and give out candy, giving CcTC's kids a safe place to trick or treat. The PCS is also a contributor to this annual event by drawing hand-made trick or treat bags for every kid who comes to the Spooktacular.

Last Sunday, a small crew of PCS members got together out at PCS Co-founder Andrew Hart's house and drew 75 bags for this year's event. Artists in attendance this year were Andrew Hart, Christine Larsen, Dave Perillo, Chris Patchell, Kyle Margiotta, myself, and Andrew's baby boy Oliver. Have a look at some of the fun and the bags from this year's Halloweenie drawing marathon. Look below or CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE:

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David Galletly said...

Hey Jeff. Good stuff. You guys do some awesome work.