Monday, May 7, 2012

Teefuries to Date

Last August I started designing some pop culture-inspired t-shirts for a few different websites. Without a doubt, has been the most successful for me. Some sales were better than others. But no matter what, it's been a fun ride every time. It's a strange and interesting time for things like this. In spite of media sources screaming about a recession, somewhere in this world, ten-dollar t-shirts are selling online by the thousands.

In this economically-challenging environment, Teefury has been a key source in keeping me financially afloat over the past year. The funds raised from these t-shirt sales got me through the holidays, helped me buy a bedroom set, and have given me a new perspective on a niche market. It's been an interesting challenge, catering to the needs of a whole new audience. To be honest though, the work is more fun and allows for more freedom than many of the freelance jobs I take that pay a great deal less. Anyhow, last Friday, I had my eighth online sale on this site. I looked back over the past nine months at the designs I've done, and I realized how grateful I am to have this resource.


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