Monday, March 12, 2012

Norris Street MixTape: "Lady"

Another piece for the Masthead show in June. This one is kind of a dedication to my lady Joannie and her family. I drew most of it at the kitchen table when hanging out with her and her sister and their friend. I finished the inks and colors in McGlinchy's Bar. It's based on Little River Band's "Lady".

I don't know what it is about this song, but they must have played it when they were kids at a really happy time in their lives. Every time it comes on at a party, everyone in their family stops what they're doing and sings along - Joannie's Mom, her Dad, all of her sisters. They LOVE this song. I didn't really know this when I was growing up, but I like it. It makes me realize how you can tie music to certain memories. It also makes me realize how important music can be in affecting people's emotions.

Masthead is an awesome gallery and print studio, run by Shawn Hilemen. It's a really great space located at 340 Brown Street (near the corner of 4th & Brown) in Northern Liberties.

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