Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jeff Kilpatrick Harry Potter vs. Dr. Who Shirt on Tuesday, August 9

Sorry for the shameless plug here on my blog. I have been doing a good amount of T-Shirt designs lately. Some of the shirts I design and get made (like the North Catholic shirts). Sometimes I do these online submission sites. So far, Teefury has accepted two of my designs, this being the first. Teefury gets a whole lot of (but not only) fan traffic from sci-fi, fantasy film, television, and cult movie fanatics. And the folks who frequent these sites and buy the shirts are very passionate about their fandom.

There is a HUGE Dr. Who audience on the site, and there seems to be a big following of Harry Potter fans too. Anyways, the first design I tried my hand at was a combination/parody of those two characters. The reason being mostly was the scarves. It just seemed like a striking visual element to base the design on. Plus, one of the challenges of the designs for these sites is using a limited number of colors. The maximum number of colors Teefury allows is six. Sometimes, giving myself a very limited palette and a strict set of guidelines can be a good catalyst for finishing a project. Anyhow, the shirt is for sale only today, then it goes into the “Gallery” section if you’d like to view the design later.

Click here to see the shirt on Teefury.

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Andrew Hoffmann said...

Oh you KNOW I'm digging this!