Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Variations on a Theme: Wampa

I have fond memories of Star Wars, but I don't think I get as nostalgic as most kids from my generation. Some folks turn simple entertainment from their youth into religion. I don't think those movies were created with that intention. I think they were just made to be fun adventures. To be honest, I loved playing with my Star Wars toys more than watching the movies. Sometimes I feel like my adventures were cooler, and they had less politics.

Thinking back though, I really only liked certain scenes in the movies - the scenes with the monsters. I remember being extremely bored with all the space ship fighting and politics. Chewbacca was always cool, but I remember being bored during the first movie once the bar scene was over. To be fair, that scene in the cantina was an influence that still weaves its way into my work. I also loved Jabba the Hutt's court in the third movie, then got bored when that scene was over. In the Empire Strikes Back, I have to say that the star of that film was the Wampa monster, at least for me. He was an awesome monster. Anyways, here are a couple Wampa illustrations I did recently:

Wampa vs. Chewbacca
A fake Wampa Collegiate Sports logo:
Also - as far as I am concerned, the new Star Wars movies were an awful waste of time and money. No one needed to see those movies.

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