Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Historic Trauma - Cleopatra

With the "Cleopatra" exhibit currently at the Franklin Institute, I guess it's no surprise that Advance News Magazine for Nurses picked her for their "Historic Trauma Cases" section this month. I was a little worried, because a great artist and good friend of mine Paul Palcko used to do all of the illustrations for this section of the magazine. Those are some really big shoes to fill. I remember a painting Paul did of Bessie Smith for this section some months back that was awesome. I had to make it clear when I was assigned the illustration that I had a completely different style than Paul, and I couldn't even pretend to draw like he does. Thankfully, the editor and the Illustration department head understood.

I did the original illustration in pen and ink.
Then I touched it up digitally with a smooth vector halo and added warm colors in Photoshop.

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