Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Gang Music

Many years ago when I was still in school, I bought this CD - "The Beau Hunks Play the Original Little Rascals Music: 50 Roy Shield Themes from the Hal Roach Talkies". This group did a really good job recreating the music from those shorts. I was listening to it today while drawing and put it on repeat when it was over. 50 tracks of old tymie awesomeness.

When drawing, I like to play different music for different kinds of images. I used to love to watch these old tymie Little Rascals shorts when I was a kid and still do. A lot of the things that inspire me come from the time of my grandparents for some reason. I like all kinds of art, movies and music, depending on what kind of day I'm having and what kind of mood I'm in. Even the weather affects my taste. But it seems I come back to this era more than anything else when it comes to inspiration. I'd like to use the cliché that things were simpler back then, but they really weren't. Those were hard times. I'm really not sure why I feel at home with the taste of that era.

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