Wednesday, October 14, 2009


A few years back, I did these "Jam" drawings with my cousin Sean (sticker artist Mr. G). Sean is one of my favorite people to work alongside. He is all heart, and he has a confident hand. The guy can throw some ink. It's been a while since I've seen these. I found them saved in a folder from my Dad's old computer. I forget sometimes how playful you can be with cartoons. Some days, I get too roped into structure and purpose. It's not only fun, but integral to the craft, to unwind sometimes and aimlessly follow your line until you fill a page. It's good exercise and it brings me back to the joy of drawing from when I was a kid - that age of discovery before I got locked into any style.

With these drawings, I used just a 01 Micron Pen. No pencil or even idea of what I was going to draw. I was just following my line and filling up space as I went. I built my drawings in response to the heads he drew on sticker paper. The colored piece has a layer of soft spray paint underneath. When I do things like this, mixing art and family, it really makes me feel like life is swell.

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