Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jeffro/Rog Show at Atlantis, the Lost Bar

There is an art show at Atlantis the Lost Bar coming up for March (2442 Frankford Avenue). As far as I know, it is their first art show. I didn't want to be involved in an event so soon after the book release party. I don't like beating people over the head to come out to stuff. However, it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. Roger Petersen, one of my best friends and favorite artists, was asked to do this show. So I had an opportunity to display work with a guy whose artwork I am in awe of. Roger will be displaying a whole slew of hand-painted baseball cards. He picked his favorite ball players from olden times and did these amazing monochromatic watercolor portraits. I will be displaying framed works mostly tied in with nostalgia, music, street corners, romance. Some pics will be new as well. I also made a limited edition silkscreen print just for this show so people could walk away with something that was inexpensive if they wanted. I didn't want to bug anyone about selling my original work, especially so soon after people were so generous in their response to the book release party.

But if you feel so inclined just to come out and hang for a bit on a Saturday evening, maybe have a beer, that'd be great. Rog will be there on First Friday. I will be there Saturday at 4PM (immediately following the Philadelphia Brewing Company's First Anniversary Party).

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